Business Analysis: The Biz360 team will bring objective analysis to your business issues. Our engagement will yield a healthy return on your investment.
Business Solutions: Action Items will be presented and upon your approval implemented to provide best results.
How will our relationship work? We can structure our relationship several ways. A retainer against hourly billing or a weekly retainer are our most common billing structures.

The Biz360 Approach

Business Solutions360, how we work:

Step 1

Initial Consultation is free and without obligation.
We will discuss your business, the challenges and goals and plans;

Step 2

We will propose a business analysis based on our initial consultation. Other than the fee for this analysis there is no obligation at this time. The analysis frequently includes a review of organizational, financial, sales, marketing and business planning issues.

Step 3

We will present the Action Items we reccomend for your business. You may implement the Action Items, or use other professionals to implement, or you may use Biz360.
We will provide an estimate to implement the Action Items. there is no further obligation unless you choose Biz360 for Action Item implementation.

Step 4

We will present an Engagement Agreement to identify scope of work, progress reports, fees and payment terms.

Step 5

When the Action Items have been attended to we offer a preferred rate to maintain a monitoring relationship so that business issues are managed and new business challenges are dealt with on a timely basis.