Business Analysis: The Biz360 team will bring objective analysis to your business issues. Our engagement will yield a healthy return on your investment.
Business Solutions: Action Items will be presented and upon your approval implemented to provide best results.
How will our relationship work? We can structure our relationship several ways. A retainer against hourly billing or a weekly retainer are our most common billing structures.

Case Study 2

Stronger Management Needed

Biz360 hired as Interim CEO

Situational Summary

A serious health issue placed our client at risk. Company leadership retained Biz360 to guide the business throughout the health challenge.
  • Stabilized staffing;
  • Strengthened vendor relationships;
  • Retained clients;
  • Implemented rigid financial controls;
  • Accelerated marketing and sales initiatives;
  • Improved Key Performance Indicators;


Stabilized business by working with company leadership on all of the above. All issues were stabilized, financial health improved, sales program initiated, marketing program initiated. assignment was completed and owner and leaders were in a tremendously improved financial position after the Biz360 engagement.

Lessons Learned

  • Help is often needed for a variety of reasons. Call on outside help before it is too late.
  • Have your emergency plan in place prior to a crisis; Identify company leadership.
  • Develop company policy for all critical matters including financial controls, vendor relations, hiring and terminations.
  • Keep your Attorney and CPA abreast of company leadership positions.
  • Develop a Board or Advisory Council to help guide the business in times of normal operations as well as in times of crisis.